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Educator Workshop: Taking a Website to the Next Level (Level 2)

Once students feel comfortable with the basics of HTML and CSS, they often find that their website still doesn’t look as professional and isn't as interactive as they'd like. This workshop is geared toward teachers with a good grasp of HTML and CSS, and are ready to learn slightly more advanced concepts of CSS and JavaScript to better support their students. JavaScript is one of the fastest-growing computer languages and adds a level of interactivity to websites. This workshop is ideal for those teaching through our Novice Web Dev track-- this is the 2nd workshop for this track.

Attendees should bring a laptop.

Led by: Christen Harper
Christen Harper is the Tech Education Coordinator at theCO. She has conducted STEM workshops across TN teaching middle & high school students and teachers about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and SQL. In addition, Christen directs theCO's Dev Catalyst program which provides online and industry-current coding education to build our nation's tech talent pipeline.

Workshop Fee: $150

*The workshop fee is waived for teachers at a 2019-2020 participating Dev Catalyst school. If you teach at a Dev Catalyst school, please contact Christen Harper to register. To learn more about the Dev Catalyst program: